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Happy New Year, friends!

Harbingers of happiness, awake!

And dreams abandoned, return from restless sleep!

Past hopes, whom bitter wanderers forsake,

Promise once again what will might reap!

Years turn and turn, at each new turn reborn,

New imagined by redeemers new,

Each in turn vouchsafed a festive dawn,

Wind driven towards a sky of darker hue.

Yearning is of innocence a cause,

Embracing with delight what ought to be,

As once a year even truth takes pause,

Reflecting on what other eyes might see.




Hi! So I had a baby!
He's beautiful and so good and likes to sleep and is really such a sweetie.
His name is Ryder Paul and I adore him.


Apr. 23rd, 2011

so we never went to go see the apartment. they ended up renting it out for the summer to someone before we even got our foot in the door. that's the way it goes.

tomorrow, we will go to the queens zoo where they are having a spring eggstravaganza complete with 20 pound rabbits and pics with the easter bunny. my child WILL have his picture taken with the easter bunny whether he likes it or not, gaddammit. stay tuned for the pic and whether or not he is smiling or screaming in it.

we may be also going to see another apartment tomorrow that sounds promising. keep your fingers crossed for me, friends. my luck IS going to change - i swear it is!

happy easter y'all! hope you are spending it eating candy, ham, and hard boiled eggs.

Apr. 22nd, 2011

i'm sitting around with my baby waiting for my real estate agent to text me about whether or not we can go look at this place.

i'm not sure about it because it's far from the park. but it's BIG!


Apr. 21st, 2011


  • i have to go to the dentist today
  • i am not a fan of the dentist. who is?
  • spring always makes me feel like buying something ... like maybe this
  • tony bennett performed with james taylor last night
  • i'm getting tired of james taylor. i am not tired of tony bennett. he is super nice.
  • an lj friend is flying in to nyc today! i can't wait to see her!
  • i have met about 20 lj friends in person over the 10 years 12 years(!) i've had this thing.
  • how many have you met? and who would you like to see in person the most??

Apr. 12th, 2011

i got a call from my real estate broker on sunday afternoon at work.

"I have some really bad news," he said.

my heart sunk. he went on to tell me that the owner of the brownstone did an about face and has decided to rent the place to his sister. yes, i signed the lease. yes, i forked over all my money. but because i did not yet have the contract back in my hands, i have no legal ground to stand on and we lost the apartment. my broker says in the 4 years he's been working, that this has never happened.

i am beyond heartbroken.

if you have never lived in nyc and gone through the process of trying to rent an apartment here, it's super hard to explain how shitty a process it is. i am feeling really pushed back - like i want to sit alone for a week and feel sorry for myself. but there is no time. i have to keep looking. suck it, asshole landlord. i didn't want to live in your stupid apartment anyway. :'(

Mar. 20th, 2011

8 months today

caden is 8 months old. he's crawling around everywhere. i adore him more every day. i wish i didn't have to work and could stay home with him.


Feb. 26th, 2011

we got the car back! cops called me late last night that they found it. and yay - the baby seat is still in it!!

i love the oscars. i can't wait to watch tomorrow night.

i watched the social network this morning. i still have to watch the kings speech and inception. i hated black swan - am i the only one? i loved the fighter. i also haven't watch toy story 3 yet either. but really, it's all about the dresses.


Feb. 25th, 2011

one good thing happened! jack got a promotion at work! he'll soon be the night manager.
the only bad thing about it, is now we will literally never see each other.

my mom is in guatemala right now with this organization. she is volunteering her time as a post-op nurse. they are doing something like 100-150 surgeries on people this week. many of the people have never seen a doctor in their lives. it's pretty nice.

i haven't exercised in over a year now and it's driving me bananas. i wish i could find some time, but with jack and i swapping shifts with the baby - it's just not going to happen right now. maybe in a couple of months when caden is a little bit more self-sufficiant and can play for a half an hour next to me while i do yoga.

i cannot wait for spring! i am so sick of this baloney weather.

i also cannot wait to move to a different apartment! just a few more months of putting up with this b/s place. i am sitting next to a huge leak as i type this. it's so dumb. i want to move to park slope. it's so damn expensive though. check out some listings. we would need at least a 2 bedroom.

still no sign of the car. it's been 8 days. i was hoping it would show up in a tow pound, but no. not sure who would want to steal a 91 oldsmobile that needs a muffler, but ok? it was my grandma's car - so that makes me sad. and our new car seat was in it. we're going to probably buy a used honda cr-v next weekend.

Feb. 24th, 2011

oh kids - someone stole my car.
i really need a good karmic turn around.




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